Blog 6

  • During week 7, we wrapped up the previous week’s discussion of biomimicry. Biomimicry is taking inspiration from nature and implementing it into designs that is better for the environment and reduces the world’s carbon footprint.
    • Nature principles is all about being nature smart. Although advancements are still encouraged, in the future they need to be thought of in a more sustainable way. The virtual world itself is contributing to this. For example, instead of printing receipts in stores, we can send them through email, resulting in less paper being used.
    • There are many sustainable principles that are implemented in the merchandising world. For example, one that we discussed in class was the subject of the transportation of clothing from one country to another. Many companies are transporting by boat in order to reduce the amount of pollution put into the air.
    • SWOT-

Strengths: better for environment, reduces carbon footprint

Weaknesses: limited amount of products, harder to implement

Opportunities: can contribute to a movement to better the environment

  • As discussed in class, stores can contribute to being more sustainable by being more eco friendly with their signage and packaging. In my learning community, we discussed that a store may have a recyclable bag that they could bring back instead of using a plastic bag or another alternative. When bringing this bag, the store could include some sort of incentive for the customer like coupons. As far as signage, we discussed using recycled materials for that too.
  • When looking at the presentations, all students did an exceptional job. All aspects of their research were informative and interesting to say the least.
    • The three talks that stood out to me were Self Healing Clothing, Morpho Butterfly and Mushroom Material. All three of these subjects were very interesting and got me thinking about sustainability from a different perspective.
    • Although all the talks were great, the one that stood out to me the most was the Self Healing Clothing. This is because this invention could potentially reduce the amount of clothing waste that is thrown away each year. By having clothing that could fix itself when torn, this could extend the lifetime of the garment, thus, keeping it out of landfills and in a closet.
    • I learned that it is important to think outside the box when thinking of sustainable solutions. All the people who initially thought of these sustainable solutions thought outside of the box and have thought of groundbreaking inventions that could potentially change the world as we know it.
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