MY sustainable journey #6

We have been learning a lot this two months regarding approaches to achieve sustainability in life. 7th week of blogging here always challenge me to think deeper and deeper into this sustainability issue that has been around us. By re-touching on the base of sustainability, there are a few companies that practice sustainability at their pace.

I think the sustainability issue that relates to merchandising is maybe they can learn how to rearrange product in a store to make it easier for people to shop in a store. One good example that I realized was from the New Neighborhood Walmart in Stillwater. They put their bread with the peanut butter and jelly at the same area which makes my life easier because then I don’t have to scroll to another aisle just to look for peanut butter. Placement of products will put their consumer at ease when they are in a hurry. This will change the behavior and help the consumer when they are trying to purchase product at a store. To me, time is money, if we can save some time for grocery shopping, we saved money.

SWOT analysis on different company that are being sustainable, it actually creates a vibe that make me feels better if I use their product. I think company who are practicing sustainability should really promote that to their consumer, because I strongly believe that it would be a good selling point of their product if they would share their company’s sustainability story with their consumer.

The LOLA show was a success because students showed their ability in understanding different principles in biomimicry and industrial ecology. Students talked about how some company will use waste as a resources which is fascinating on how much waste can be reduce if the company try to incorporate that sustainable mindset in them when they are designing. For example, one of the group talked about how a company named “Alternative apparel” being sustainable in their industry has been able to use 60% less water during the process of production of their product and how they used non-toxic and low impact dye would help create a less polluted environment in the future. There was another group that talked about self-healing textile coatings from squid’s teeth, I think that was pretty interesting too because I would never have thought of that. The other student that talked about the ECONYL campaign also amazed me because their motivation in saving the ocean creates their product and they reused all the waste product to the ECONYL fiber.

There is different approach that we can use in order to stay sustainable, and all these experts out there is for us to ask questions and they are there to guide us if we need them, we just need to be proactive and reach out to them.

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