Blog 6

This past week we got to talk more about biomimicry and dive a little deeper into the things that you can do through it. We also had our first round of the LOLA show which was actually pretty interesting to me. One that stuck out to me the most the one about mushroom packaging that Alexis gave. It was cool because 1 I have a dell and I remember the packaging and thinking it was different and interesting. Also I noticed brands like H&M and reformation were mentioned by a lot of people for their sustainable practices.

Nature principles were  another topic we discussed stuff  like nature fits forms to function ,nature runs on sunlight and nature recycles everything. I think the more we learn about nature and how it works the better we will be with working with it and findings ways to not destroy it. Also how to apply it to our field my group focused on creating a tote made out of recycled materials with the stores logo on it which would help promote the brand as someone who cares about the environment but also could offer a small discount to people who actually bring their bags in with them which can help cut down on fabric waste.

Swot analysis is something you mentioned that I’ve heard before because of my other classes which tells you a company’s strengths weakness opportunities and threats. I have mostly used this to identify a company’s position for marketing and things like that but it was pretty interesting to use SWOT to talk about a company’s sustainable practices.

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