Blog 6

Last week we wrapped up the discussion on biomicriy topic. There are many sustainable principles that deal with apparel design and interior design, but since I am a merchandising major its very important that I focus on what principles pertain to merchandising. The main sustainable principles that relate to merchandising involves product development, packaging, and costing. The overall goal of merchandising unlike design is to develop and marketing products at the lowest cost possible but still has the feeling of high quality. The one thing that effects how eco-friendly or sustainable merchandising is how the owners, CEOs, and stakeholders feel about sustainability. If the leaders of the companies don’t feel using money to develop in a more sustainable way, that puts merchandisers in a hard place. We also focused on how nature works and what we as humans can take from it. Nature doesn’t use more energy than it needs and I think that is something human fall short on. Even if its little things like turning things off, or using solar panels anything helps. I also believe that it’s the consumers job to make big corporations change their unsustainable ways, because if we don’t buy from them and take our business to smaller businesses who are more sustainable they will change there ways to keep us as customers
I’m a senior and I’ve used SWOT in at least one class a semester since I started college. I am also a marketing minor and SWOT is a very important tool that we use. Ive never really used SWOT that often in my DHM classes or to analyze how sustainable/un-sustainable a company is. A SWOT analysis is analyzing a companies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, it also shows what is important in the short term and what the goal are in the long term for the company when it comes to changing into a eco-friendlier and sustainable company. Becoming a sustainable company doesn’t happen overnight, but is a process, and SWOT is a tool companies can use to reach their goals.
The activity we performed in class was about creating environmental-awareness signage and eco-packaging. The goal was to bring awareness to the consumer about sustainability and a company’s sustainable practices. The signage that my learning community came up with wasn’t exactly “signage”, but a tote bag that was made out of recycled materials that had the stores logo and sustainable goals listed on it. We didn’t want to create something that would later be thrown away or just looked at, but something that could be used again and again and is very functional.
I wasn’t there for the LOLA show but I’m looing forward to seeing the next ones in the future.

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