Blog 7

Blog 7

It is very difficult to design something for someone if you are not in his or her shoes. You can assume you understand what someone goes through, but until you see, feel, and go through a day just like he or she does you have no idea. People should think more about others and what they need instead of just thinking about what they personally want. Designs also need to be done with by thinking of multiple different people with different disabilities.

I found what Paul said about the experiences in hospitals very interesting. I have sent a lot of time in hospitals and OR’s. Spending all that time looking up at the plain tile ceiling is boring and scary. The hospital can already be scary with the sanitary smells, the beeping sounds, all the tubes, etc. I think that his approach to make the hospital ceiling more decorative and happy to make the patient feel more comfortable and relax could actually help patient outcomes. I also liked that they painted a wall in each room to be a whiteboard to allow visitors to draw or write something for the patient to look at that is personal to them. Those things are so simple and easy to do and can make such a big difference in comfort and happiness for the patient.

For my oldest item I brought in the old pink car that my grandfather gave to me. When he would watch golf in the back room he would let me come in and he would bring out my pink car and his car and would play with me. My grandfather died when I was in second grade. I was a grandfather’s girl, and still am in my mind. He would let me sit on his lap while he ate a orange, take walks with me, let me get up in the middle of church to go sit with him in the audio desk. Since he died while I was so young I don’t have a lot of memories with him. The car sits on a shelf in my bedroom and when I look at the car and smile and think about all the good times that him and I had together.

I chose to talk to my grandmother who broke her hip last semester. She has a very hard time getting around still. She has moved to walking with a cane but still walks very slowly. This is not the first time that she has broken her hip. Since she has weak bones and not very much strength so she has a hard time opening her cans of soup and turning doorknobs. I think a good design solution for her would be to have sliding doors that she doesn’t have to turn to open. I am not sure what a good design would be to help her open up cans. She has tried many different can openers like the hand held ones and electric one, but nothing seems to help her.

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