The Perfect Balance

Overall, this class was very informative and eye opening.  I learned a great deal about controversial topics and how to discuss the issues surrounding these topics.  I really enjoyed this class because it ignited a passion in me for the environment.  I think I have always appreciated the environment/nature, and it amazes me how everything coincides and works so wonderfully together.  What surprises and disgusts me is how people treat the environment.  This class has shown and taught me about many of the issues pertaining to sustainability.  I am still pondering the topics we discussed in class.  The one issue that really gets me is who should be taking charge? Who should be taking action?  Should we as a nation be pushing for answers from the government? Or should we be taking charge for the land we love and live in and start an environmental movement on our own?  I personally think there needs to be a balanced approach between the people and the government when it comes to solutions.  We can help implement and come up with plans, but in many scenarios we can not enforce rules and regulations.  Those in government will have to come together and agree long enough to approve smart and responsible plans that help us move towards a more ecofriendly lifestyle.  We talked a lot about waste and pollution in this class, and I think that is one of the major downfalls of our economy.  The amount of pollution created is effecting our ecosystem in a negative way.  We need to make a push to better our product innovation and use resources that are easily accessible and renewable.  It would help significantly if we can make more recyclable products, actually recycle a significant amount of products, and continue to make more products from recycled materials. One easy step that could be implemented everywhere is having curb side pick up for recyclable items just as we do now with household trash.  This would actually create more jobs as well.  I think this would be a smart and easy way that makes recycling in accessible for everyone.  This class has pushed me to be aware of what is going on outside of my life.  I think everyone should stop and take a moment to understand the complexity and impact we as humans are having on our environment.  Each individual should come up with a plan of action that is in their reach and that they are capable of.  If everyone would even put a little effort into the sustainability of our environment we will be able to make big changes.  I know I will keep tabs on the environment going forward and take each and every opportunity to help better the environment in any way.  One other aspect of this class that we learned about was “being in the moment.”  Personally, all the meditations we did and actively staying in the moment showed me how hard it really and truly is.  I want to make a point to be actively engaged with all my friends, family, and in my classes.  There is something amazing about being in the moment.  I know when I go on vacations there are always several moments that I stop and say, “I want to remember this.” I want to apply this into my everyday life and make being aware and engaged a natural action for myself.  I think this will better my quality of life and relationships with others.

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