Time to Make a Change

These past four weeks have been more enlightening that I could have ever hoped for. I went into this class having no awareness to the significance of what is happening all around me. I especially was so blind to seeing what all I can start doing in my everyday life that could really change the world. The video made me more aware of different ways people can get involved. From the government and their tax ideas, to normal everyday people and they way we live life and ways we purchase things can affect more than we think.

Being an interior designer I have come to learn is more than just designing cute furniture and coming up with realistic blueprints. It can be so much more impactful if I just open my eyes and see what needs to be done. Building from sustainable materials and thinking of the term recycling are two major things I took away from the past few weeks. I am so excited about all of the research and I have done and am wanting to do in my future. The more I thought about what I knew already about the world and the way we live in it, the more I realized how much little things I have overlooked.

One thing I found most intriguing was the idea of creating things how nature does. This was brought up in the movie and I loved it because it is something that can be so practical, yet so impactful. Just the way the spider spun his or her web, and how it can be stronger than steel that we have to heat up and use high amounts of pressure and slowly deteriorate the world is just crazy to me.

I am so interested in learning more in the next couple classes I will be taking, and I am so motivated to really find something that I can either create or do that will change how we view design in the interior world. I have never been more determined to make a difference, not just for myself and to make me better or look important, but to make a difference in keeping our environment healthy and bringing awareness to others.

One thing I found would be more beneficial to helping stop wicked problems was to educate people. It is not that people don’t want to help, the main problem is the world is unaware and if they are educated, it is normally in their later period of life where they might not be as impactful.

The first way I plan on taking action is by voting. I learned from the movie how this doesn’t necessarily mean with paper or online in some big official way. This means with out everyday actions, most importantly with our money. We consumers, have the power to choose to purchase something or not. That choice is a way we vote on if we agree or disagree with the item or design made. Most people don’t realize they have this power. I feel like our world is so corrupted by what is “cool” or “trendy” that we don’t think about the consequences of spending an excess of money and just throwing out the old stuff.  This is one thing that with enough money and resources, there could be a form of education everyone can receive at a young age and begin to practice of living a more sustainable life style while still being happy and healthy.

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