Blog 7


Week 8 has been my favorite week by far. We have covered topics that are close to my heart, and this week has been very personal to each and every one of us. We talked a lot of empathetic design. Empathetic design has affected my life a lot. As I discussed in class about my severe Scoliosis, dr.’s, surgeons, and Medtronic, put themselves in my shoes to see what the best way was to help solve my medical issue. That inspired me, and I found a true passion for empathetic design. I want to make a career and help others through empathetic design with children who have disabilities, by creating clothing that is easy for them to put on and feel confident in. I think empathetic design is so interesting and I love the concept, because the whole concept is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to help better serve them.

I loved Paul Bennett’s TED Talk. It was one of my favorites. It was very interactive and showed a scenario where empathetic design was used, like when the man laid in the hospital bed to see what it would be like as a patient. This was great, because these people didn’t just use statists or interviews they actually put themselves in the patients position, and that is true empathetic design.

The oldest/most important item activity was so interesting. I loved getting to know my peers more, and hear about their items. We all got to talk about what our objects meant to us. You can learn a lot about a person by hearing their personal stories and what has affected their life. I brought a model of my spine that Medtronic gave me. It means a lot to me because it reminds me everyday how fortunate I am to live such a wonderful life.

I decided to talk to my grandmother about some of the challenges she faces. She said it is hard to take care of my grandfather because she is getting old and fragile as well. She has to lift him anytime he wants to get up so her back hurts all the time. My family can’t afford a nursing home or in home care so I came up with an idea of a lift that can be installed in any chair in the seat. There would be a lever, or button on the side that you pull or push that lifts the person out of their seat. This would help my grandmas back and still be able to help lift my grandpa in an affordable way.

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