A Generation of Hope

Mindfulness is a journey, and I feel like I’ve traveled a great distance during this class. It’s one of the most personal journeys one can take and I’m so glad I was given the confidence and tools to start mine. It was something that I needed in my life but I never knew where to really start. Now I feel completely comfortable in trying out not only the practices I learned in class, but also new techniques. Mindful practice has helped me immensely in dealing with both anxiety and stress. I honestly wish I had discovered meditation the way I did in class, earlier. From this point, I want to incorporate meditation into my everyday routine so that I can have a more blissful and present minded life.

Something that I also want to incorporate into my life from now on is sustainability. I truly feel it’s a way of life and it affects every aspect of one’s life. Since I am planning on becoming an Interior Designer, I want to take my new knowledge into my studies, and one day my career. I plan on incorporating sustainability into everything I design and create. Not only does this bring self satisfaction, it benefits the client, and it benefits the Earth. It’s so important to feel like the job you’re doing is meaningful, and playing a small role in helping the future of the planet does just that. Interior Design can be demonized in a lot of ways because it creates a lot of waste and relies on people getting rid of perfectly good items just because they are “out of style”. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and there are other approaches to Interior Design. Approaching my field with the goal of renewing pieces and places we already have and giving them a new life is a way to make a wasteful industry more sustainable and meaningful.

Something that ties into my field and was also a big takeaway for me is my new found knowledge on consumerism. The way governments and societies can shape markets, and thereby nature, is fascinating to me. It gives me so much hope knowing that we could change our western views on consumerism to ones that are more sustainable. Reusing, recycling, thrifting, swapping, and more could be made to be fashionable. All it takes are leaders within our communities and agents of change to bring it about. I, myself, can be an agent of change. We can look to other societies and mirror them to create a society that is minimalism minded.

I feel like what I took away most from this class has just been the confidence that the problems we face today aren’t so big that I can’t make a difference. I also know now that while there aren’t perfect solutions, there are still solutions. It can be scary to think about the future, but it doesn’t have to be. There is real hope for the future. We can change the path that our planet is on. I can change the path. It’s all about small steps and small changes. We can all do something. Whether it’s recycling, turning off the lights, or using renewable energy, everyone can have a role in the change that must come about. I have hope for the future and I’m excited to be a part of the generation that could change it all.

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