All Good Things Must Come to An End

This is it, the last blog of Wicked Problems. I remember starting this class as though it was just yesterday…. Yeah I know it was only like 30 days or so ago but in all honesty I was just counting down the days until spring break. This class broadened my horizons in multiple ways in such a short time and I can honestly say I look at things differently now. I walked in the first day and saw the bean bags that we would sit in every Monday and Wednesday and had no idea what to expect. I walked out with a basic knowledge of the problems that face our world.

Right now I’m sitting on a plane that’s headed back to my tiny town which holds all normalcy. As I look out the window to my right I see the clouds and the rivers and even the roads, and the view is breathtaking to say the least. Being on this plane home has been all too relatable to this past month in class. For me, I had been viewing the world one way for so long, and now I’m seeing it differently (literally and figuratively).  Knowing what I know now, and seeing what this world has to offer I’m honestly surprised that more people don’t take better care of our home. Of course, we aren’t going to fix these problems overnight, and the damage that we have already caused might just be irreversible, but we can try our hardest by changing little things daily to stop the damage even more so.

It’s crazy to think that just in the small amount of time that humans have been on the planet the temperature of Earth has already drastically gone up. In the grand scheme of things we have been on this Earth for only a second of its time and we have already made changes to it. This planet is our only home (for now at least… maybe Mars later…) and it’s our job to take care of it. That could mean anything from trying to stop wasting energy by turning off the lights, to spreading knowledge of sustainable farming practices to third world countries. Either way the choice is ours to keep our planet happy and healthy.

Wicked Problems not only taught me about these major problems that we face as a society, but also made me evaluate myself how I see the world. That’s what these blogs are. They’re a way for me to work through and form my own thoughts about things I wasn’t sure I had an opinion on. This class also made me realize how important it is to be in the present. I’ve suffered from anxiety very badly since I came to college and being present makes me remember that while things may not be the best, for this moment in time I am okay. Overall I am very grateful for Wicked Problems for teaching me valuable things I may not have figured out for myself, or at least things that would have taken a long time to figure out on my own. I’m not going to lie and say that I will live trash free or some other drastic life style change but I understand now that there is a balance between living sustainable and living a greedy life. After all is said and done however, I can say that I will do my part to help save the Earth and I can help educate others on practices that will help as well.

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