Blog 7

I think that Empathic Design should happen as part of every design process. It seems like it is the most sure-fire way to ensure that your product really resonates and is actually usable/beneficial for the target customer you are designing the product/service for. Paul Bennett’s TED Talk also covered empathic design and what he and his team go through to ensure that when designing a product, it is the most beneficial and practical it could be. My favorite part of the talk was when he touched on the product that would be created to assists nurses, and the firm which wanted this new design wanted a “sexy, sleek” device, like a palm pilot, but he and his team understood after watching the nurses that they needed something that was useable with just one hand, because nurses often reach out and touch/hold hands with patients as they are assisting them. The item that I chose to share in class a ring that was given to me by my mother. She got this ring shortly after she immigrated to the United States from Mexico. This ring is special to me because my mom has worked so hard her whole life to give me everything that she did not have growing up, and it is just nice to have a reminder of her love and her sacrifices for our family.

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