Final Entry

This 4-week course has taught me so much in the aspects of being mindful and in recognizing problems. Many things I learned that pertained to my major of Apparel Design were the harmful effects of design manufacturing. How companies and factories aim to earn a quick buck instead of properly completing a task and how they deteriorate the environment. By working on my research paper, I found a lot of information about textile production pollution. Trillions of gallons of water get wasted per year due to the toxic chemicals used! Water is becoming scarce as time moves on and the population can’t afford to lose more water to fabric dyeing. I searched many solutions and am optimistic upon what we can do in the future to become more ecologically friendly.

After taking this class, I feel more of a responsibility in helping the world become more sustainable. I recycle as much as I can and don’t buy in to fast fashion like I used to. A goal of mine is to create a fashion line that is made with little to none pollution on the Earth. I also aim to create plans in getting fabric out of waste lands and into more sustainable projects. I see no point in constantly creating new textiles if they end up being discarded.

The meditation section of this class was extremely beneficial to myself. I have a very hectic life, as every other college student would agree, and calming down before each class was a nice escape from reality. I was never presented with these techniques of mediation growing up, and I find them easy to use. My favorite would have had to been closing my eyes and focusing on the crash of the waves in the background. This meditation calmed me down and helped me practice my concentration. It especially helped when we had the Yes/No discussions. I am the type of person that prefers a note/lecture style of teaching, so when I realized I had to engage in discussion my anxiety levels instantly raised. Over time I got used to the discussions and with meditation my anxiety would disperse. Looking back now, I am glad I got to interact with others on the different points of a topic such as poverty and sustainability. Knowing both sides of an argument, helps an individual know more about that overall topic.

To conclude, I will take these things that I have learned in this class and apply it to my life moving forward. Here’s to a sustainable world!

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