Keep an Open Mind

Over this course, I have learned many things.  I have always tried to keep an open mind, but this class helped me achieve that even more.  I have always loved art.  From a young age, I expressed my emotions through sketches and paintings.  I knew that doing that as a career would not be very profitable, and I want to live a comfortable lifestyle.  So, I considered interior design and went from there.  This class made me realize the problems that come with my field of interest.  I want to profit off people’s needs for an idealistic home and interiors.  However, I do not want to speed up the process of the degradation of the Earth, and I know that what I do can do that.

Prior to this class, I was a vegetarian for three years.  I hated the idea of eating a living creature.  I love all animals, and I don’t like the notion of killing something for yourself.  However, when I came to Oklahoma State University, there were not many options.  So, I have not been a vegetarian for a while.  I do know that, eating meat causes a huge carbon footprint to deliver meat from across places.  That is something I was already aware of.

These problems are important because I will face them every day.  I need to practice being more mindful.  Meditating regularly can help me do that.  There is no one good solution, but there must be change.  We need to take many small shifts.  I need to be innovative, and to design with humility.  I will need to refine and improve my ideas constantly, and to keep nature in mind.  There will never be just one correct way to do these things.  We need to encourage each other to live more sustainable.  We need to make decisions in our everyday life, which are sustainable.  In the future, I need to be more mindful.  I can become LEED certified, and try to practice it as often as I could.  I can encourage people to consider better and cleaner designs.  I can educate people on how to practice cleaner lifestyle’s.  It can feel better to live cleaner.  None of these solutions will completely fix the problems, however, being active in identifying them will help.

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