One Last Thought

With this being my final blog for Wicked Problems, I wanted to reflect on the class and all I have learned. I walked into this class not knowing what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what a wicked problem even was. Like many people, I was so oblivious to the world around me, what was going on in our environment, and ways to fix it. Looking back, I really wish that I would have known what this class has fought me sooner. Being educated on the planet you live on is crucial and I am very happy that there is a class like this.

I did not realize how much the planet and environment effected the carrier path that I want to take. I want to be involved with clothing and clothing is much to do with the environments issues. Not enough clothing is made to last or be sustainable. Therefore, when people no longer fit in their clothing items, or when they go out of style, people waste the products by throwing them away. Now that I am aware on how a simple mistake like this can effect the whole planet, I am more aware of what I throw away and if there is a better solution instead of wasting the things that I have.

With that being said, I look at things in the world completely different now because of this class. I am more aware of where I live, what is going on, and how to either help with the issues of out planet, or prevent issues from happening. I used to walk around with the same outlook on the world everyday. I used to not care or pay attention. Fortunately, I have learned enough to pass down to others and apply it in my line of work.

It is breath taking to me how much I did not know before this class and how many people still do not know these issues. I hope that more people are put into this kind of a class so that more people are in the know of what is going on in the environment. I also hope that this kind of class is offered in earlier grade levels like in middle schools. Students should not be going all their life up until college without going this important information. If we want to live on this planet and if we want generations along generations to as well, we need to educate others and take care of it.

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