A New Start

This course was what I had least expected. Before the class started I did not even know what “wicked problems” meant or how industrial practice related to my field. I had not put too much thought into it, but by the end of the first class session, I was very excited for the following seven classes.

From meditation practice to how fashion is impacting the globe, I felt that this kind of information should be taught for all majors. When I was in elementary school I remember being taught some of the effects climate change. I remember having to make a project about penguins since there was more heat and ice was melting more penguins were dying. I remember wanting to learn more about what was happening, I was only in third grade at the time and once I got into middle school and high school I was never taught about sustainability and climate change again. I feel that it is a vital topic to introduce in elementary education and build upon throughout the years because the older we get the more we need to practice sustainability. Although there are people that have different views, like we had talked about, I believe that everyone should see the how the wicked problems our globe is facing, as a problem. It could be difficult for someone in the oil industry to see the problem of fossil fuels because their mind is set on money but changes have to be made. Changes everywhere across the planet have to be made, it will be difficult and take many years to accomplish but by starting small and building up, that could make a huge difference. Since the start of this class, I have not made purchases for items I do not need, that is something I feel proud of because I am a big shopaholic. I have started to recycle, and although I do not do it too often I believe that it is a start that will start making a difference. I can relate how mindful practice relates and ties all of this together. At first, I was very confused and I had no idea how it related to sustainably, but now I can see how it has made a difference and without it, I do not think I would have the same results. I am not too great at it, and I am still practicing to get better but I am very glad that it was a part of this course.

The movie “The 11th Hour,” was one of my favorite takeaways. I am very glad that it was the start and end to our class. There are so many ideas that could be taken away from the movie, I feel like the movie itself can help a person realize what is going on in our planet.

This has really made a big impact on me, even more so now that I can relate how it could affect the major that I am in right now, which is merchandising. I hope that the fashion industry can make more positive changes, but I see how that is difficult since much of the industry really only cares about profit. I see myself working for a company that does not only cares about the profit but cares about how they are impacting the environment and the people. I used to love fast fashion brands and hope to work for one someday, but now my mind is changing, especially since my investigation is about child labor in sweatshops. This class made a big difference in my life, and I only hope that other people can be impacted the same as well. I am excited for my new journey after this class, after learning everything that we were taught in this course and hope to expand my knowledge with the other courses.

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