A positive outlook

At the beginning of the course I felt quiet doomed with all of our wicked problems, but I walked away feeling very hopeful and inspired. I think it is very important for people to feel hopeful to make any change and remain happy. I wish courses like these were taught through schools and through more shows and movies. As I move into my first home I will try to live as sustainable as I can within my budget. I will be building a composting bin and raised garden, and I will hopefully be eating more vegan. I just wish I could afford solar panels. I have a good environment of friends around me that are aware of these wicked problems and/or open to new ideas, and I realize that now. I would like to make changes to better the Earth, and I want to have my friends and family making small changes too. I am excited to have them try mindfulness, as most people do not know what to think of it.

I have a new perspective of the importance of our everyday habits, and how something as simple as choosing what to eat can impact not only our environment, but also the people around us. Mindful practice is something I was uneducated and intimidated by, but going through all the different options I came to love it. I walked into class completely stressed out multiple times, and the practices would slow me down and I would realize my problems are not that big of a deal. My favorite mindful practice was the five senses one; I try to practice it every time I am overwhelmed or anxious. I am trying to get my friends and roommates to join me, and so far one roommate did it with me and loved it. When I focus on my present moment I realize that I have control over just myself, and I should try to deal with every situation open-minded and calm. I would like to incorporate mindful practices into dealing with my anxiety instead of turning to medication. I wonder what some of the statistics are on mindfulness and medication with different health problems.

I had been stuck in my head about what degree I want to pursue for years now, I had no clue of which direction to go, and I heard about this class and I am so happy to have had it. I have been inspired to get a degree in sustainability! I am very thankful for this course and Ms. Armstrong for applying sustainable courses within such an important industry. I would love to see everyone of my peers in this class making a difference within their industry, and I believe that this class has brought awareness to many problems. Smart changes and awareness will allow us to slowly reconnect with our Earth.

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