Blog 7

Week 8 of class we focused on empathic design, which is a user-centered approach that takes into consideration a persons feeling towards a product. I think that empathic design is a great and all design processes should take it it into consideration. It can help to ensure that products are being made with the customers at the core of concept and that people will actually use and enjoy the product. Paul Bennett ted talk was very interesting to watch. He covers the topics of empathic design and how he makes sure to design product that are most beneficial and realistic to it’s users. Bennett believes that designs do not have to be about grand gestures but can solve small, universal, and overlooked problems. I agree with this stamen because I feel like a lot of companies focus of creating bigger and better things that they over look small details and focus more on the big picture. To be successful at what you do you don’t have to be the most popular. Focus on the little things in life and put your heart into a project and it will become something special, then popularity will come. My oldest Item was my first school t-shirt form 5th grade. The t-shirt is special to because it was the first shirt I got form school when I moved to Oklahoma. I wore uniform to school prior to moving here so we were not allowed to have school t-shirts. This relates back to empathic design, users want items that will last a lifetime and have meaning. To be able to look back at something and see years of history is far more important then buying the latest and greatest items on the market. I talked to my grandmother about some of the challenges she faces in today’s society. She talked about having trouble reading her text message and navigating her iPhone.  I think that iPhone could have spherical layout for people of certain age. When you get an iPhone the layout is pretty standard for all phone users there should be a setting adjustment that allows older people to to have a simpler layout and text alteration that make it easy to read and use. As you age iPhone should have a setting adjustment that make the phone layout less and and less complicated for a person liking. The phone layout would be adjusted by asking a series of questions about everyday life to understand the type of personal features that person would like to see on their phone.

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