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Empathic Design is is when the designer connects with the client on a personal level to get a better understanding of what the client is wanting out of a product. This will result in a product that is specifically made for that client to better fit their personal need. In class we discussed how empathy is different from sympathy because when you have sympathy for someone this normally means that you feel sorry for them. Where on the other hand with empathy you want to get involved and want to help them.

Paul Bennett’s TED talk was about what a patient in a hospital experiences. He talks about this experiment and how they had someone lay in a hospital bed with a camera and record what they saw. All that was recorded was the ceiling tiles for five minutes. I thought that this experiment was interesting because it’s not something you would really think about. His talk makes you think of what ways we can use empathic design to make a trip to the hospital more interactive and not boring. Let’s face it no one like to go to the hospital. However, it would be a more enjoyable experience if there was something better to do that just lay there staring at the ceiling tiles.

The oldest item I own is actually at my parents house. My oldest item I own is a stuffed teddy bear that is small and light tan with a heart and the name Ava sewn on the chest. This bear was given to me when I was three years old and it has a small hole in the ear because I would have her with me all the time when I was little and I would sleep with her all the time. I actually left it at my parents house when I recently move out and I might just need to take her back.

The older individual I spoke with was my grandmother who was having issues with her karaoke machine. She has had this karaoke machine for as long as I can remember. It is at least eighteen years old. She called me telling me that something has happened to it and there is a part that is not working. She said she had looked online for a new one however, they don’t make karaoke machines that only use cassette tapes anymore. This is a problem for her because she doesn’t know how to record on a CD and doesn’t know how to download music on the computer.

An empathetic solution to her problem would be to either help her find a place that can fix the karaoke machine she already has because that is what she is used to and knows how to work. Or to get her a new one that has both a tape and CD options and help her learn how to use both.

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