Blog 7

Empathetic Design

Empathetic design can be described as the connection a designer makes with his/her client so they can better meet their needs. This concept is crucial for custom made designs because it helps the designer better express the clients views on what they are wanting out of the product being constructed. During our class discussion  we talked about the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is known as the act of feeling sorry for someone. Empathy is different because when feeling empathy toward someone, you want to help them and want to understand the emotions they are feeling.

TED talk

During the Paul Bennett TED talk, there were many interesting things he discussed. One of the main things that stood out to me was his own creation of an empathetic design. His design was centered on hospital patients. He felt empathy toward the boredom a patient must feel while they are spending time in hospitals and can only stare at the ceiling. His creation was to make designs on ceiling fans so they can have something cool to look at while staying in the hospital.

Oldest Item Reflection

During class we were told to bring someone old that has meaning to us. I wasn’t able to bring my item to class because I keep it at my mothers house. But my item is very special to me. Whenever I was eight my grandmother passed away. Whenever I was of age, I inherited a necklace that belonged to her. This necklace is very special because it is her wedding ring and her husbands wedding ring melted together with the diamonds mounted into the front. It was then made into a pendant and put onto a necklace. I thought this was really cool and sentimental.


When I talked to my mom about the challenges she faces, one of the biggest ones holding her back currently is pains she has with her feet. Because her occupation requires her to stand all day, an empathetic design for her would be some sort of shoe insert. Another design that would work for her would be a chair that is light and fast enough to be mobile.

-Abby Camargo


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