Blog 7

I have been in a sort of design major since I started college classes. The only kind of design for needs I am used to is for ADA approved design. When I was introduced to empathic design I was very intrigued because being in Merchandising with a background in Interior Design I like to put my focus my work in on what other people want and need. I think the Paul Bennett really put it in to perspective fpr me showing how things today have been designed empathicly such as Sesame Street. Seeing what he also did with his team was very inspiring, Especially when he showed what nurses did for a patient that made a video of what he saw while laying down in a hospital. This was inspiring because it shows that you can take a very stressful and painful situation for someoneand at least make it more cheerful in a way you design their room. I feel like I could incorporate this inspiration in my line of work everyday.

The way people can get attatched to things in different ways is remarkable. Like a baseball to me could be something to play with but to another person it could be a trophey. Hearing all of the things that people are attatched to and why show that material things arent always just for happiness, but also for comfort through memory of a loved one or the safety of just having it nearby. Also the sad stories that were life and death situations that the items remind you of or even something that means so much to them they cherish it forever for other reasons.

I talked to my grandmother about her challenges. Her main challenge is getting around on foot. This being said, she also does not live in a very big space because of finances. She has early signs of dementia and forgets a lot of recent events even does not remember what year it currently is. I feel that there should be an electronic walker that is slim and light. It should have a very easily used computer system that only needs to be customized once so it is easy for the elderly to use. It can have daily reminders to take medicine when needed, have a way to tell what day it is each day, and a way to be able to talk to it (just like Siri) and ask questions, set lists, or even set reminders at the touch of a button or sound of the owners voice.

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