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Empathic design to me is using design to making the world better for everyone and everything. Empathic design is also taking into account peoples feelings whether it comes to their religion, culture, or race. One thing that I find most important about empathetic design is the research. I’m a marketing minor, so doing research isn’t new to me, and I find that without research you don’t know what the consumer needs. wants, or what they’ll responds to. If research is not done when designing something, the designer may not know how the consumer will feel about it, and that is a key part in empathic design.
Paul Bennett’s TED talk focused on the importance of empathic design. He talked about empathic design in hospitals and how little changes in design could be used to make patients more comfortable. One small change that can make the patient feel more at home is changing the floor. Having the floor in the rooms different than the rest of the hospital can make the patient feel less like they’re in a hospital. I’ve had to stay in the hospital before and felt very uncomfortable, if empathic design was used more often patients would feel more comfortable and happy, and that could help them feel better. Bennett also talked about not waiting on big companies to make changes, I agree because big companies care more about money than how people feel.
My oldest item I brought was my stuffed poodle I got when I was 4 years old from my daddy. This item is important to me because it makes me feel comfortable and safe whenever I have it. I liked hearing about everyone’s item because each person has a story and it was nice to hear them.
I talked to my granny and she is 70 years old. My granny moves around pretty good but she has slowed down in the last couple of years. One problem she has is getting up on high places like a stool or inside if a truck. A solution for getting into high cars or trucks is too make cars and trucks that can lower down with the press of a button. Talking to my granny I learned that empathic design is very important when designing for the elderly.

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