Blog 7

Empathic Design

Empathic Design is important because it is designing around the individual needs of a person or a group of people. This type of design benefits people because the products are made for the specific needs of the user. Empathic design is used in most design processes because when someone is designing a product, they usually have a target market that they are designing for. Designers should focus on what consumers want to buy when they are designing.

Paul Bennett TED Talk

Paul Bennett’s TED Talk discusses how small details are often overlooked. Bennett talked about how he and his group had worked on solving the problem of the boring ceiling tiles that hospital patients have to look at. First they attached mirrors to hospital gurneys so that the patient can see the person that is moving the gurney and talk to them. The nurses at the hospital wanted to help patients as well, so they decorated the ceiling tiles. The floors in the patients’ rooms were also changed so that they were different than the floors in the hallways. This was done to show how the hallway was public space, but the patient’s room was their own space. The patient’s hospital room also had one of the walls changed into a dry erase board. A device for imputing data during medical procedures was made to be used by one hand so that a nurse can use their other hand to comfort the patient. I think that it is great that people are focusing on empathic design in hospitals because this can improve people’s health and lives.

Oldest item

My important item is a necklace that my mom gave me. It is shaped like a circle and has a star and swirls on it. The bottom edge of the necklace says “Wish upon a star”. I have had the necklace for about six years and it is valuable to me because my mom gave it to me.

Talk with an older individual

My grandma has some trouble walking because she broke her hip about eight years ago. She has a rod in her hip joint and this makes it hard for her to lift her right leg when walking and makes her feel off-balance. A solution to this problem would be a cane that will help her keep her balance when she walks.

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