Blog 7 Empathic designing

Empathic design is a great way to really understand what you are actually designing and who you are designing for. I believe this way of designing, putting yourself in another person shoes, can create better and more efficient designs. For example, in my family I am a coffee drinker, my dad likes hot chocolate, and my mom likes tea. We bought a Keurig because it is able to provide all those options in a convenient design without having purchase different items. The person who designed it had to have put themselves in a peoples shoes to know that families or even an individual likes a multi-functional product.

The Paul Bennett TED talk had interesting empathic design solutions one being that they attached a bicycle mirror onto a gurney so that when the patients were wheeled around they could actually see the nurse that is pushing them around creating small human interactions. I like this empathic design because it is offering the patients more of a relaxing environment and maybe l lessening the stress they may have.

My oldest item reflection was a prayer than my great grandmother had framed when I was a baby. This picture means a lot to me because she has passed a way but its also a reminder of family. The other in class reflections were fun to listen to and I found it interesting that most of the reflections had to do with another family member. I think that goes to show that we all want or hold onto items from the people we love most.

My grandmother has Parkinson’s disease that causes tremors. Her daily activities have changed throughout that past couple of years because she no longer can be as active as she once was because the medication can make her not feel well. Thought she is doing better she still has the shakes throughout her right side and left leg meaning they are continuously shaking. My grandmother likes to write letters and has always had beautiful handwriting but cannot write with her right hand any longer. She does write with her left but it is not very good. An empathic solution for her would maybe design a glove type device that is weighted or than can control the shaking so she would be to write like she wants to.

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