Concluding Blog

This course was too short and came to an end too fast. The class was not what I had expected it to be like at all. I was confused what exactly it would be about due to the name, Wicked Problems of Industrial Practice. After learning what a wicked problem was, the class made sense to me. It opened my eyes to a lot of real world problems (wicked problems) and made me into a more mindful person.

When I was in elementary school, global warming was first introduced to me. I remember we spent an entire week learning about it by watching videos and reading from our school textbook. My teacher really emphasized to us that we really needed to learn to recycle regularly, which was something my household did not do. I remember after watching the outcome of what the Earth could be like if we didn’t recycle I was terrified. I bugged my parents so much about recycling that they finally got a recycling bin. Ever since then, we have been recycling as a family. Being in this class reminded me of this story because mindfulness to the environment hadn’t been something I had thought about since then.

My major takeaways from this class would have to be mindfulness to myself and to the environment, and being aware of the need of sustainability. Our mindfulness practices, meditating, really helped with my anxiety. It was something I actually looked forward to each class. It is now a habit that I have personally developed outside of class that I try to get in every day. I have noticed a positive difference in my mood. Even though I already recycle, I have also noticed myself being more mindful with the environment. When I become a professional Interior Designer, I will be able to be more mindful with the materials I use to help with global sustainability. This class has brought so much confidence in me that there is hope in our precious planet and that the things that I can do really can make a difference.

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