Future Actions

My major takeaways from these four short weeks was honestly the entire class. Coming into this class I barely knew anything about the issues within the environment and the detrimental problems occurring. For one I had no idea about overfishing, I honestly did not even know that was an issue in the world today. However, once I heard about this issue I began thinking about the amount of fishing and the actual waste that goes on. I believe there should be limits placed on fishing companies and if they surpass the limit fines should be set in place. Another solution could be CRP, typically this is seen within the agricultural side of things. CRP is when crops are not messed with for a season and this allows them to grow naturally and to allow the soil to nourish itself. I believe placing this on fishing companies could allow the fish population to repopulate during that time. I believe overfishing could eventually end up like the problem with deforestation and how when an area was completely deforested the society fell. I believe this same idea could occur with overfishing and this is why it is so important to be mindful of the actions being made on a daily basis. I also believe that people honestly do not know that this problem is occurring. I know I did not, but after thinking about it and being informed it makes perfect sense, so I think educating society about these problems is extremely important.

Another takeaway I got from this class is controversy with globalization. I have said this before in a previous blog and I believe that globalization is basically like ignorance is bliss, because what people do know it not necessarily a bad thing. Though I do believe that they should have availability to basic survival needs, but if they can find happiness in what they have, even though we may find it as short comings, why not let them find happiness and comfort with what they have. I believe even when third world countries know about the lifestyle in America, they still find happiness in their even day life style. Just like for myself, I know there is people who live a more luxurious lifestyle than I do or will ever live, but I do not know how that feels or what it is like and I still find happiness and comfort in my life, even when I encounter shortcomings.

Issues such as water waste and climate change are irreversible, these are things we will never be able to get back no matter the actions we take. I know personally I am much more conscious of the actions I make on a daily basis. For example, when I am brushing my teeth I do not allow the water to run, or when I am taking a shower I try not to take long and excessive amount of time. There are many aspects in everyone’s daily lifestyle that they can change to help reduce the problem. Another problem with water waste is overwatering cause a large amount of runoff or water being evaporated. In my opinion people have to become more conscious of the decisions they make on a daily basis to help reduce the constant problems. With climate change the emissions that have damaged the atmosphere will never be fixed or go away, so it is a viscous and never ending cycle. This is why people must be educated, so awareness will actual be present among many different age groups. However, I believe that even with education there will still be people who will disagree and say that climate change is not real and this is honestly just something we have to accept and work around. Just like anything else one tries to accomplish there will always be obstacles one has to surpass. The main thing people have to understand is that is that bringing awareness and educating people is not something that will happen overnight. Much more damage will be made, but I believe you have to continue pushing forward and constantly reminding yourself of why you are doing this. I personally think about my future and the future for my kids and grandkids and hopefully slowly building a more sustainable world.

Overall my major takeaways are that there are many issues in the world we live in today, but to change the current outcome of the world, will take even more effort. Many people think that it is okay if they do not contribute, because so many other people are, but all it takes is that one person to make a difference. After this class I can now say that I will be putting my best effort forward in trying to be that person who makes a difference for at least myself. Going forward I hope to continue the mindful practices, because I believe that they do relate to a more sustainable lifestyle. Coming into this class I am not have actual known the problems that are occurring in our world today, but I plan to take the knowledge that I have received and actual inform others and to continue and educate myself about the issues that are already in place and the ones that are developing.


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