It’s Only the Beginning for Sustainability

This class has been an interesting experience for me. It has taught me to become more aware of the factors humanity plays in the degradation of the Earth. Our environment needs us to be aware of the damage we are causing and to develop different ways to maintain stability. I want to be able to develop products within my field to help humanity get on the right path to maintaining stability.

Wicked problems are more common than they may seem. Before taking this class, I was not aware of what a wicked problem was or how abundant they are. Wicked problems are being caused by humanity’s lack of effort to become more aware of their cultural actions. We live in a world where we rely heavily on technology to make life simpler for us. I myself am guilty of living this way and take advantage of the items I think are absolutely necessary.

What are some ways I can help achieve sustainability? I could always start with simple life changes like recycling, cutting back on water and electrical uses, and using different products that require less energy. I can also encourage family and friends to participate in the same idea. Even though these ideas can help a little, I have learned that the wicked problems we face will never go away. We will come up with different solutions to solve a portion of the problem, but other problems may arise without having a true solution.

I also learned more about myself while taking this class. The mindful practice exercises were very helpful in relieving my stress during the days. I worry and stress in college more than I ever have in my life. I loved having the different exercises each day. I have learned that sometimes you need to sit down and give your mind time to rest even in the busy life of college. I will take these exercises throughout the rest of my time at college and incorporate them into my career as well.

This class has taught me many things and ideas to take with me throughout my future. I have become more aware that our world is dying and we’re only going to be able to slow it down, but never truly resolve it. Wicked problems are always going to occur within our world, even when we think we have fixed them. To help create a better world, we must look to and educate our future generations about sustainable practices. We must also focus on our current generations to develop more sustainable practices. Only then, will we be directed onto the path of achieving stability for our world.


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