Lifelong Takeaways

When it came to this class I had no idea what to expect or what a wicked problem even meant. A huge takeaway from the course was now being able to distinguish what a wicked problem is. I was not oblivious to the wicked problems in the world or surprised when I learned about them but I was able to learn more about these problems and how difficult it is to fix them. Knowing what a wicked problem is can help me later in life with my career. The project already has prepared me in thinking of ways to fix certain problems in the apparel industry.

A wicked problem that stood out to me over these two weeks is the water pollution. This is a topic that people do know about but still does not have that big of an impact. Something that stood out to me when watching the 11th Hour was when someone stated that the ocean has the possibility of becoming stagnant from the pollution. This is hazardous to the ocean life and to us. If we kill the fish in the ocean than that gets ride of a food source. I still this education on these wicked problems would help a lot. It is not the only solution or most impactful but it could help people become more aware.

Besides learning about the wicked problems in the world and in our majors, we learned different ways of mindfulness. Starting each day with meditation was something I really looked forward to and I wish it were incorporated in more classes. Meditation is something that was new to me before this class. My favorite way of mindfulness was just sitting there listening to the waves and focusing on my breathing. I hardly ever take time to only focus on me so it was a great stress relief to only focus on my body instead of my problems. I constantly focus on what future things need to get done so mindfulness practice was a great way to clear my mind from that stuff. I also struggle with having a wandering mind so this was a good practice on self-control and awareness. I am definitely going to start incorporating this into my life and I would not have learned mindfulness if it was not for this class.

Overall, I enjoyed this class and the things I learned in it. I am also excited for the new sustainability classes that are in the process and I think this course was a great introduction to it. In four weeks I was able to learn about real life problems and how to better not only the world around us but also better myself with mindfulness.

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