market and government

As you know already, I am a Republican and I don’t really believe in a lot of government intervention and regulation. I don’t know where the government gets the money to give subsidies. If the government just threw around subsidies and other economic aids, what would money mean? It would be worthless. I prefer the idea of acquiring investments to accomplish an expensive task. All those millionaires are just sitting around in their yachts and watching the waves, go find them, pitch to them, and see what happens. Why just sit around and wait for the government? I am a small business owner and I don’t want help from the government at all, even if it means I have to work harder to compete. I feel like subsidies are cheats for real life businesses. Saying this might come back to bite me in the butt someday, but this is what 19 year-old me thinks. By having the government keep their money, they can spend it on more important necessities like infrastructure and health care. They have so much on their plate and I am only one company.

I also think customers might appreciate my independence and support me more. People buy from brands they agree with and relate to. That is why I support the free market. How else would all those crazy expensive Fair Trade garments sell? I would love to be able to buy from them, but until I have the money, I do what I can as a consumer and check labels and only buy from places I am confident that they are treating their workers justly. Another example is when vegans chose to buy garments free of animal products like leather, or when those passionate about organic farming and sustainability chose to buy garments made from organic or recycled cotton. The market plays on consumers’ passions, so as long as they are mindful, the market will be balanced.

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