My Sustainable Journey

When thinking about the word empathic design it mostly focus on the reflective. Such as empathic to me is an item that has meanings or emotions toward that one item. However, by reading the article ADP Beautiful Dress it talk about how clothes can have meaning to its owner. The reason why clothes can have meaning is because it’s something worn that has a special memories back in the past life.

While finishing watching Paul Bennett TED talk, he talked about design is in the details by bringing big and small together. In which he works with different consultants and found one empathic solution about a patients in hospital looking at the ceiling all the time. What he did was by creating a design on the ceilings so that the persons won’t get bored of looking at it all the time.

I don’t really have an oldest item but had an item that has stronger bond attachment with which is my bracelets. The bracelets are located on my arms and ankle. I have to wear these handmade bracelets from my mom until it breaks off by itself. Whenever it breaks off my mom would make another one and tie it by the same location. The reason why this has a strong attachment to me because my mom cast a special spell on it for me to stay safe away from the evil spirits. My mom is a shaman master which is a person who can cure illness by ritual, see or speak to spirit, and many more. It’s a cultural experience that has been in my generation for years in which I feel closer and safe with being by my side.

While I was talking to an older individual about what challenges she face, she talked about how hard it’s for her to take a bath. When taking a bath while laying down is uncomfortable because the design is hard. What I would recommend an empathic solution to her problem is by designing something comfortable by laying it onto the bathtub so that when she lays down it won’t hurt her. Something that is not too hard but is waterproof. By doing this it would gave her happiness and had good attachment with it whenever taking a bath.

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