One thing ends, another begins


When I very first signed up for this class I had no clue what it would be about. For lots of classes you will ask all of your friends, find out who has taken it, and then figure out if it was a good class, bad class, hard class, fun class, easy class…etc., but with this one I had no pre first impressions of it. Going into this class open minded and curious about what it was going to be like helped me to want to learn even more about it. Now if anyone asks me about this class I will always have good things to say about it. I think it has helped me to notice what is going on in the world around me more and to take time throughout the day to just slow down. Life can be overwhelming with everything that is going on around us at times. This I feel is why most people are not completely aware of the wicked problems that are taking place. So when our class was introduced to these wicked problems we were all shocked at how many there were and how much effect that we have on them, including myself. This is where the mediation that we started to practice came in nice so we had a moment to calm our minds and be in the present. When talking about these topics you do have to be in the present because these are things that are happening right around us, even as we have been spending time in this class. This is something that is harder and harder to do because of how fasted paced everyone is now. Even after this class being more in the moment and mindful about what I do and how it can affect the environment around me is something that I plan on still doing.


Being able to take this class is an opportunity that I feel everyone should have. It is hard to believe that more schools don’t have a class like this one and that it is one that has been added not too long ago to OSU. It is very important for people to be educated on what is going on around them. They may be aware of problems that are going on in the world but that doesn’t mean that they know the extent of the problems or that they can be a solution to the problem. Sometimes I, myself, ask myself if even if I do one small thing like recycle does that really help anything? I may not see the results of the actions that I take immediately but I do feel that doing something as small as recycling can make an impact and this class has reminded me of this. Everyone needs to be reminded of this from time to time and know that they are making an impact even with the little things. This month our class was reminded of this and now has pushed us to notice and want to take actions for the better in all our own little ways, which hopefully one day will contribute to all the big ways.


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