Blog 7


  • When learning about empathic design, I began to realize how important it is to incorporate in every design. Empathic design is basically designing with the consumer in mind. How they feel about the product Is very important when considering it. This user-centered process only benefits companies that practice it for the fact that keep the consumer happy is the main goal of marketing.
  • The TED talk with Paul Bennett was very interesting to watch. This individual is one that incorporates empathic design into everything that he does in his professional career. I found it very interesting to hear about all of the things that he does to keep the consumer in mind. One that stood out to me that he discussed was how he executes the hospital environment. Studies show that by making the environment of a hospital more inviting, the patient actually heals faster. I find it inspiring that he is considering these aspects of design in order to improve the consumer’s attitudes and lives.
  • When Dr. Jayadas asked us to choose an item that we cherished the most, I was very puzzled as to what I wanted to choose. Because I live eight hours away, I did not bring a lot of things with me when moving here for the simple fact that there was not enough room in the car. However, when thinking harder about what I wanted to choose, I thought of the envelopes that my dad sends me each month with my rent check in it. Most would not think anything about this but because I don’t get to see my parents very often, I cherish the little things like this one. I save every envelope that my dad sends me because it has his handwriting on it and somehow makes me feel closer to him in a way.
  • When talking to an older individual, my grandmother, I listened to her discuss multiple things that she struggles with. However, the main issue I heard her discuss was the fact that this world is becoming more and more technologically centered. My grandma expressed to me that she struggles with this because she feels that she is not “good” at using her smart phone and other electronics. So, I figured that there could be an app created that could help older individuals use their smart phones and other devices without getting frustrated.
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