Blog 8

The outdoor activity has taught me how important it is to take care of nature because we need it not only to survive but to thrive in this universe. Biomimicry is can not only be beneficial to design but to a way of life. Nature can be the guide to helping us solve many sustainability problems not only in our major field but in life. Almost everything in nature is reused and recycled into the circle of life. I think that this is a really valuable lesion that we can learn to incorporate into design. All of the functions that nature provides such as protection, food, and shelter etc. shows how the environment works together. This what needs to be taken into consideration when products or designs are being made to make the most use of it life. I think that it is important realize how much our individual actions from the things we buy to the things we do impact thing nature in one way or another.  Everything created in here on earth need to work together just like our bodies, the brain controls our bodily functions, and the nervous system is like a network that sends messages to parts of the body. The brain serves as the environment who holds all the answers to our problems while the nervous system server as us and if we listen we can hear all the solutions that nature can provides and send a message to the rest of the wold on how to become more sustainable.

The LOLA show presentations were very insightful. A lot of the presentations were center abound the concept of Biophilia, seeking a connection with nature and other forms of life. I learned a lot about biophilic design within a space, or place. Biophilic design is the emulation nature thought a design. I never really thought about how stores that includes some kind of greenery aspect in their store from plants around to natural lighting to help people distress. The disposable baby diapers was very interesting, I think that is a great way to help reduce waste. I found the process of revolutionize fabric by M+N textiles to be very innovative. The revolution is the first sunscreen fabric in the world, it requires 42.9% less energy and causes 77.3% less CO2 emissions. Just about every presentation used nature in some kind of way to help the sustainable problem.

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