Blog 8

Since we didn’t have class on Monday, we were assigned an outdoor group activity. We were asked to first look at the comparisons between a jackets function and a tree. One could tell that like a jacket a tree also provided protection, breathability, shelter, etc. We could see that by comparing a fashion item to that of nature, designers in particular can gain their inspiration from this as well as look at naturalistic properties to use in their design with sustainability in mind. In the fashion merchandising field, a problem occurring is the use of harmful materials in the construction of a garment. By looking at nature, we can utilize natural fibers and dyes. For example, we can look at flowers for a eco way of dying. Another part of the activity was using our senses without the use of sight in identifying a tree, shrub, or flower. This helped us understand how although it is hard to identify the impact/ harm we are having on the environment, it is still a very real problem. After coming up with a list of things found in nature, my group discussed the idea of incorporating abandoned birds nest utilize as biophilic designs in the retail stores for nature designed decorations. We summarized the activity by reflecting on the features of a tree and drawing parallels to industrial ecology.

This week I prepared and presented my LOLA show project on the topic of Cradle to Cradle and the influence that Fashion Positive is having on the fashion industry. Through research and sorting through a lot of information and potential topic routes, I came up with this one. What I learned is that Fashion Positive is a company partnered with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute that was started in 2014 to create a movement towards circular fashion. They provide the knowledge to equip and push influential brands, designers, and suppliers in transforming their products towards implementing cradle to cradle materials. Fashion Positive believes that by partnering with influencers of the fashion industry, it could ensure a more sustainable industry for the future. They have created a Fashion Positive Material Collection which is made up of 21 certified materials in the categories of fabrics, yarns, apparel, dyes + finishes, threads, and trims + notions. What I found most interesting was the list of big name companies that Fashion Positive has already reached such as Nike, H&M, Walmart, Lululemon, and many more. Through this LOLA show I have been able to sharpen my knowledge on what Biophilic Design and Cradle to Cradle is. It especially has helped understanding these topics when they are directly applied to examples in the merchandising or interior design field.


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