Blog 8

Week 10

This week we did the outdoor activity and some of the learning communities talked in the LOLA show.

Outdoor Activity

Outdoor activity 1 was about comparing the functions of a tree to the functions of a jacket. This activity taught me about how sustainability relates to apparel design. Outdoor activity 2 was about finding solutions from nature for products used in apparel design. This activity taught me more about biomimicry. Outdoor activity 3 was about learning to identify plants without being able to see them. This activity taught me to think about how designing can affect the environment. Outdoor activity 4 was about finding different items in nature and using them as sustainable solutions in the apparel industry. This activity taught me more about sustainability and how it can be incorporated into apparel design. Outdoor activity 5 was about comparing the systems of a tree to Industrial Ecology and relate it to sustainability and market competitiveness. This activity taught me that a company can be a big market competitor while still being sustainable.


Trigema is a clothing brand from Germany that has a silver rating certification and they use 100% organic cotton in their clothing. They try to have a closed feedback loop by reducing the amount of products they use, encouraging consumers to reuse old clothing, and they recycle old clothes.

Interface is the largest commercial carpet manufacturer. They practice sustainability by recycling nets from the ocean. Waste in the ocean is hazardous because they can break down into small pieces that are then ingested by fish. Nets are also dangerous because animals can eat them.

Products can be assessed to see if they are a cradle to cradle product. A brand called gDiapers sells biodegradable diapers and is considered a cradle to cradle company. Ice Stone is another cradle to cradle company and they recycle glass and use it to make counter-tops. They also recycle the water they use, as well as 90% of their waste. I learned more about sustainability and cradle to cradle companies.

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