Blog 8

At the beginning of Week 10 I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester. {6 more weeks to go, people!} I really needed Spring Break and just a break in general. Although my week was spent remodeling a bathroom {we did re-use old barn floors to line the walls–yay}, it was really relaxing to just think about nothing and paint walls. Sometimes you just need to participate in an activity that causes you to slow down, and literally watch paint dry, to feel prepared for what is coming next.

I really enjoyed the outdoor activity because I really like being outside, especially when it’s 70 degrees and sunny. Activity 1 was all about comparing the functions of a jacket and a tree. It was cool to compare the two completely different objects and discover how that relates to my major and future career. As humans we are always looking for ways to improve the way garments and different products function, just like a tree is always adapting and changing. Activity 2 was about listing different products that are used in my career field and finding eco-friendly alternatives for them. This activity really revealed to me that their is a better and eco-friendly solution for everything as long as we put our minds to it. Activity 3 was about learning how our senses work together and how our daily actions have a big effect on the environment even if we can’t see them. Activity 4 was about listing different objects and coming up with a design solution from the items that we “like” and “dislike”. Activity 4 was one of the more difficult activities for me because whenever I have to list things, for some reason my mind goes blank. This activity helped me realize that I need to improve on certain skills. Activity 5 was about Industrial Ecology. I had to identify how a tree is an example of Industrial Ecology and how companies can mimic that. A tree is really important for the environment because they keep everything in a balanced, closed loop. If companies could learn this from a tree, they could become more stable and competitive.

The LOLA shows this week were really interesting, but they were all very similar to each other. A lot of the shows focused on Industrial Ecology and used the same few companies as examples. I liked the shows that showed the implementation of nature into interior spaces. I have always favored having plants in whatever space I am living or working in because I do think that they have a positive effect on my productivity. The students that presented the LOLA shows seemed to be knowledgable and passionate about what they were talking about. I guess what really stood out to me was that there aren’t a whole lot of notable companies that follow the “closed-loop” or Industrial Ecology model. The students that presented the shows about Industrial Ecology really mentioned the same 3 companies over and over again. This just shows that there is still a long way to go before companies catch on to the concept of Industrial Ecology. I hope that one day I can be a part of making this major change, not only in the fashion industry, but in every industry.

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