Blog 8

I never have really thought about how much man made things can really have things in common with things from nature. I have always seen a building as a building and a tree as a tree, but doing this activity and being able to open up to a different way of thinking to be able to take something from nature and comparing and contrasting to something man made. Going deeper into the activities caused even broader thinking. When we went outside to take pictures and find different things to match different descriptions, I kept thinking about how I walk by these things on a daily basis for four years and do not really see them but I got to do that for this activity. I was able to see my everyday surroundings from a different point of view and see them in a more sustainable way.

Working at a clothing store, it is hard for me to see things in ways other then what is expected me at work in merchandising, but when I get to see it from a fresh perspective, I want to go and tell my bosses things we should do. Especially watching the biophilic design in retail LOLA Shows I really want to incorporate nature in a store I work at or a corporation I also work at. I really want to make a change in any store I eventually work at and hopefully make them more sustainable b being able to bring biophillia into the mix of my designs or store front plans.

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