Blog #8

Blog #8

            My learning community and I learned a lot about the environment by participating in the outdoor activity. The activity allowed us to compare a building, tree, and jacket. We compared the functions of each item and how they relate to one another. It made me realize that when we create products the materials used are connected with each other in some shape or form. It also taught me that we are blinded by our own personal needs to understand the damage it causes to the environment by our constant need to create new products. It’s especially common in the Apparel Industry. We discussed how unsustainable the fashion industry is by its constant need to create and throw out clothing. This activity showed that we need to make products more sustainable by using resources that are found around us. We need to stop using harmful materials that aren’t biodegradable and dangerous for the environment even after the product is discarded. This activity allowed me to be outside and appreciate the beauty of nature. It made me realize that nature should inspire us instead of being looked at as our own personal resource for the taking.

The LOLA shows further showcased the importance of using nature as inspirations for our designs. Most of the presentations were centered on biomimicry and industrial ecology. One of the topics discussed was how the use of plants in a retail shop can calm customers. It showcased how we can incorporate nature into industrial design. Biomimicry was a major topic for each presentation and it taught me that nature should be used for inspiration. Industrial ecology can help find ways to reduce the use of natural resources and harmful materials industrial design. I think that the topic of using plants in retail stores was very interesting because I didn’t know that it can help calm customers and make their shopping experience more enjoyable. I think that these presentations taught me that nature is an asset to create a greener approach to design. The LOLA shows reiterated that our design process needs to become a closed loop. Biomimicry and Inudstrial Ecology are just the first steps in creating a more sustainable approach to design.

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