During the outdoor activity there was a section to list things we found, the last two on the list was something we liked and something we disliked. We then had to think of a way to use those two objects to create something sustainable for our field. Listing the attributes of a tree and a jacket had a lot more similarities than I expected. If we use the characteristics from nature and incorporate them to the apparel industry, I believe it will help the industry to move towards a sustainable future.

Biophilic design was talked about a lot during the LOLA show. Some of the presentations talked about merchandising side of retail. That really interests me because I love the design of the store when you first walk in, it makes a huge impact when that is the first thing you see. A lot of the talks discussed the green wall, which was full of plants and greenery which looks amazing and also incorporates nature. Another talk I thought was interesting was the company in Germany Trigema that created clothing that composts. It’s a cradle to cradle system that once the garment is bought, composted and replenishing the Earth then the Germany factory uses the fibers from the newly grown fibers. Trigema is also C2C Certified meaning that they pasted the restrictions to be able to claim that title. They also every 2 years are checked to make sure that they are still up to par. The last talk I want to talk about is the first presentation given about Biophilic design to recycle nets from the oceans and create carpet titles from them. The company’s name is Interface and they have a collection that shows pieces that are designed to look like the ocean while also being constructed from recycled trash that is found in the ocean. All of the talks were superb!


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