After spring break, we were assigned an outdoor activity. Our LC did this activity together and we learned quite a bit. We learned that you really can learn from nature, and that nature and our material worlds have a lot in common, so we need to look more to nature and learn. We had the LOLA show on Wednesday and this time I was a participant! I actually enjoyed learning about the company I chose, and their website had so much information. It was really cool to see a brand really embracing cradle to cradle and making it such a priority, I would like to see more companies like this appearing in America, or even more frequently anywhere else in the world! Jodi talked about biophilic design. She brought up the points that it is shown that bringing nature into space (in her case – workspaces), helps reduce stress and also raises creativity. I personally know that I enjoy to see that outdoors, and would like to have more plants in my home! Taylor D. spoke about Trigema, a clothing brand that is C2C certified. When researching for my project, I had not seen this company before, and I did not know that there were whole clothing brands that were certified C2C. I thought this concept was really cool. I like the fact that once the shirt was completely unusable, you could just put it into the ground or into the compost and it would go back into the earth and the cycle could start over again. She also pointed out that in every step of the way, the company ensure that they had a “closed-circle” as to not produce any harmful waste.

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