Blog 8

In our learning community we broke up the different activities in the outdoor activity and all took pictures. I like the picture part because it was fun to look in nature for specific things. My favorite picture I took was the one of something sad and I found an area where there was plant life growing and dead in a parking lot that was filled with trash. I felt sad when I looked at it because the trash that was mixed up with the plants. I feel like trash should never be covering nature because it ruins the beauty of it.

The LOLA show for learning communities 4,5, and 6 all incorporated the cradle to cradle and Biophilia. One of the presentations talked about Biophilia with cleaning the ocean one carpet tile at a time. The problem is there is no solution, nothing mentions ways to help clean up the ocean just ways to prevent it. Harmful materials like plastics are not biodegradable. A solution that was mention is Interface which is the world’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer and are the leaders in the industry for sustainability. The carpet, called Net Effect, they take polluted fishing nets and partnered with Aquafil. Aquafil leads in Italy and globally and their focus on closing the loop. I liked their slogan “can’t have green without blue”.

The next presentation I like was learning about the brand Trigema that is a brand of clothing based in Germany. The company uses sustainable materials like 100% organic cotton and is 100% biodegradable. They also work on a close cycle- no waste, raw materials are preserved. The cradle to cradle principle is also used-reducing, recycle, reuse using closed circuit systems.

The last presentation I thought was the most interesting talking about the benefits of biophilic retail store designs. Biophilic design can improve your mood, gives the opportunity to connect with nature, lowers mental fatigue and stress. Biophilic design can serve as retail therapy by reducing discomfort, negative moods, improve cognitive function. Also greenery can help creativity.

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