Blog 8

Week 10 was very interesting. Some of it was unfamiliar and some of it was familiar. We did an outdoor activity on our own or with our groups, and we also had another round of the LOLA show. I really enjoyed this week because it exposed me to a new activity and I learned a lot from the LOLA show.

The outdoor activity taught me a lot, and made me look at nature differently. I was able to compare a tree to my field, and look at different objects in nature to be inspired by. My favorite part of this assignment was identifying three areas of sustainability that I thought needed help, and then looking at the environment around my group and I and come up with ideas to solve those problems. We took the idea of the campus being the environment around us, and came up with ideas to help get students and OSU staff involved with these sustainable movements. This outdoor assignment taught us to stop every once in awhile and look at objects. This may inspire me in different way to help create a more sustainable world.

I really enjoyed the LOLA show this week. Everyone did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed all of the topics. It was very interesting to me because I was able to learn more about C2C, in many different aspects. Some of my favorite talks included the company that uses C2C by removing garbage from the ocean and creates interior, and then using greenery in stores. I really like these topics already, but I learned to enjoy them even more through the presentations. Being able to see real life examples of these was awesome. Week 10 was very beneficial for my peers, and I.

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