Blog 8

Blog 8

The biggest thing I took away from the outside activity was how nature can influence our everyday design. For example, when thinking about a building or jacket I do not think they are the same or similar to a tree. However, when you break each item down to its fundamentals they have many similar functions. When I think about nature when designing something I try to draw influences from the things in nature that I like. However, with activity 4 it forced me to think of things in nature that I don’t like. Which, made me think that just cause there are things out there that I don’t like, like ants, that does not mean that inspiration cannot be drawn from that. The ant can carry 4 times their weight making them very strong. What makes them strong and how could their strength get turned into something that would make a product strong?

I found these LOLA lectures interesting with the biophilia and cradle-to-cradle aspects. I knew that fishing nets were extremely dangerous to the ocean environment but I did not realize how many were out there and how dangerous they were to sperm whales. I thought it was interesting that Aquifil is in 7 countries to try to make a difference everywhere while working on closing the loop. They are taking fishing nets and turning them into carpet to make it more cradle to cradle. Another cradle-to-cradle product that I liked was the G diaper. I liked that they are cute and not too bulky but that the inside can be used to in composting. I have never really been a fan of reusable diapers, but after looking at the G diaper I would be willing to try it. Lastly, I liked the company Trigema that had 100% organic cotton and 100% biodegradable. That allows them to have a closed cycle so that there would not be any waste. I also liked that the company did not use any harmful toxins and when their clothing is biodegrading it does not release any harmful toxins.

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