Blog 8

I did the outdoor activity #5 with my learning community. We described what it would be like for a business to be run like a tree. The tree relates to industrial ecology because it creates a complete cycle. The roots allow the tree to absorb nutrients and sustain life just like a product created helps sustain the company of a store. Then the trunk and bark of the tree stabilize while providing strength and almost like a shield to the outside, which could be implemented into a company. This would be created from a self-healing material that would be on the outside of the building, to keep it heated or cooled. Then come the branches, which relate to different outlets of the store showing the sustainable side. Then the leaves of the tree which help to purify air intake would represent The production and manufacturing that adds to the air no matter what, will be different after our buildings are set up to help purify the air. This helps with deal with some environmental issues that go into the production of clothing that can be harmful to the planet.

Something that stood out to me was the fact that everyone was talking about Biophilia. I hadn’t realized until the presentations started, that everything from these presentations were different topics from the first set of LOLA show presentations. I learned about Interface, who helps the ocean become cleaner though carpet tiles made from fishing nets from trash in the ocean. I learned about G diapers and IceStone, which show Cradle to cradle principles. G Diapers is a company that creates reusable diapers that you can strip the pad from it and flush it. Ice Stone has to do with recycled glass. M + N textiles have to do with fabric made from plants. Another thing that stood out to me was the biophilic based design rocks in buildings.


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