Blog 8

This week we did an outdoor activity where we had to be blindfolded and had to walk in a zigzag away from our chosen nature object, which was a tree for me. I had to use my senses to find my way back to the tree utilizing touch and smell. It was an interesting project because after doing this we had to think about and come up with solutions for environmental issues that occur because we are blinded by our everyday mundane lifestyles that we damage the environment and nature, simply because we forget how to treat it. Me and my learning group came up with several different solutions and ideas related to this project that we can combat these environmental issues. The first environmental challenge that we addressed was the excessive use of paper or wood based products and how that has led to deforestation in many regions such as South America. There is demand throughout the world for paper, wood furniture, campfires, and various other uses. Our solution is with the advancement in technology there really is no use for using so much paper, and to reduce the use of journals and paper based work. Instead we can rely more heavily on computers, online programs and eBooks. At the same time, plant double or triple the number of trees that we are using for other products, in order to help maintain and protect the environment.  We were also asked to for something that is liked and is disliked was a plant or insect that was degrading and changing back into soil. We chose that we liked a dead bug that was dying in nature because it meant it was biodegradable and can go back through the cycle of life. A sustainable solution is to utilize materials such as hemp, cotton, bamboo, rayon, and the many other materials that is directly derived from nature for the material we use in our clothes. By doing this, when the clothes are discarded of they will go through a similar process as a dead leaf of bug by releasing less harmful emissions into the air when breaking down, but also become one back with the soil.

This was my learning communities turn to do the LOLA Show. I focused on doing biophilia in retail spaces and the psychological effects on the workers and shoppers when they come into the store. I focused on two main stores, Innis, a Korean Skincare and beauty company who has store layouts that resemble greenhouses. They incorporate plants and a green leaf wall in the majority of their stores. In addition, the products they sell come from organic, natural processes and ingredients so the overall feel of the store and the products that you are buying feels very beneficial and refreshing for the environment. The other store I focused on was a concept store based in Belgium that incorporated fallen timber throughout their whole interior store design. They resembled a tree out of fallen timber which I thought was very neat. They also had several green walls, wooden floors, cash wraps, and stair case.

Overall the presentations were very interesting to me and covered a wide range of topics. One of my classmates talked about carpet solutions made from design processes seen in the ocean. While others talked about different examples of the cradle-to-cradle method. I did not know how certifications worked which is ranked at highest of gold, platinum and diamond. These ranking determined the level of cradle-to-cradle and sustainability that the company is achieving. I also did not know that every couple of years they had to go through another series of test to ensure they are still operating at that same rank or better. There are various companies that I learned about who are practicing this method which I found interesting that most of these companies are not in America. Another thing I really liked that one of my classmates pointed out during her presentation is that cradle-to-cradle is not the same as recycling. Recycling is the broad term, whereas cradle-to-cradle is specifically designed to be biodegradable, reusable, and brought back into the natural life cycle.


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