Blog 8

Outdoor Activity

The outdoor activity was a really fun break in the schedule for me. Coming back from spring break, it was a good way to slowly get back into the swing of things. Of course I woke up at 7 a.m. thinking we had class, so naturally I missed my chance on sleeping in and went to class when we did not even have it. Despite the shambles of that morning, I was able to really utilize this activity to relax the rest of the morning. My learning community split the activity up amongst our members. I was given portion two and also the portion of taking a photo of something living that is shading something, something living growing off something dead, and something fierce. For portion two I was required to write about a problem within the industry that can be fixed by utilizing nature. I instantly thought of the problem of dyeing and chemical use within the manufacturing process of apparel. An example of a way to fix the issue of chemical dyeing was to simply use the dyes from things in nature. I wrote that it would be really easy and effective to use the juices from berries and flowers to dye clothing. Continuing, for my photos, I simply went outside and looked for things that spoke to me. I was able to find a photo of a mushroom growing from a dead tree trunk. Then I took a picture of a tree shading a fence. Finally I took a photo a plant that was planted very nicely with pinecones as decoration for the fierce photo.

LOLA Shows

The LOLA shows that were presented this week were very interesting. This week there were a lot more individuals who presented over biophilia in design and cradle to cradle principles. This stood out to me the most. I really enjoyed Taylor Douglaas’s presentation. Her topic seemed pretty relevant and more of a relatable practice to people our age. My favorite presentation that was given was about the G-Diapers. The diapers are biodegradable and compostable. The brand G-diapers are also certified in cradle to cradle. I have a brother who is three years old and I know how many diapers that have just been thrown out over the years. This concept honestly is brilliant and I am surprised this hasn’t been thought of sooner. This is why this presentation was the most enjoyable for me.

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