Blog 8

During this week our learning community had an outdoor activity to complete. I this activity we had to go out as a group to explore that outdoors and complete the worksheet we where given. The purpose of this activity is to experience nature and build on the concepts of Biomimicry and Industrial Ecology. On the first activity we had to list functions of a building/jacket and then list functions of a tree. Listing out these functions we started to see that these two objects actually had a lot of the same functions. Listing out the functions of something could be greatly useful in either developing/gaining information on a product that one may want to sell in their company/invent. In the second part of the activity we were to reflect on other products you use in your field. Look around you and come up with solutions that nature provides as alternatives. Our group decided to focus on the fabric that we use I our field because that seems to be one of the main unsustainable issues. We thought using the flowers around us could help this issue by using their natural fibers and dyes instead of the harsh un-organic dyes and fibers. In the fourth part of this activity we had to find these items the paper listed and then writing them down. An example of something we had to find was something that looked sad and we ended up finding some flowers that were wilted and looking sad. This activity really helped me to see how easy it is for us to incorporate nature into our everyday lives in order to become more sustainable.


During this week we had our second set of LOLA shows to be presented.My learning community presented this week and the topics we could choose from were Biophilic design, cradle2cradle, TED 10, and Eco-design. I picked the topic Biophilic design to do my presentation over. I was excited to do this presentation because I am a big believer in incorporating biophilic design in buildings to create a more comfortable environment for everyone. In my presentation I focused on companies that incorporate biophilic design in their workplace. The workplace is normally the highest place that leads to stress, so adding biophilic designs would help reduced that stress. Out of all the presentations the one that stood out to me the most was the one over Cradle2Cradle and the gDiapers. I thought this company is genius because there are so many diapers thrown away in a day, so for a company to design a diaper that could decompose and be put back into the earth’s soil is great. I think more companies should start using the cradle2cradle method in their work.

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