Blog 8

Week 10 was not a typical week. On Monday we met up with our learning communities for an outdoor project where we completed five different activities that made us think about how we can use the natural things around us in our field of study to make a more sustainable way of living. My favorite activity we did for the outdoor activity was kind of like a scavenger hunt. We had to find 13 objects : something living, something dead, soil eroding, a plant shaded by another plant, a plant growing on a non-living thing, something that looked happy, something that looked fierce, something that looked sad, something that was changing back into soil, a leaf chewed on by an insect, something wet, something dry, something interesting, and lastly something we didn’t like. I liked this activity the most because it was a fun to take a closer look around campus and capture images of these natural elements. I thought the outdoor activity as a whole was a nice change from the normal lecture and was a nice way to become more in touch with the campus.
On Wednesday we had our second round of L.O.L.A. shows. My show was about different companies that have been certified in cradle to cradle production. My presentation, as well as a few of the other presentations, pointed on how the cradle to cradle certification process works. For a company to be certified as a cradle to cradle company, They first have to apply, then after the application process the company then goes under a series of different tests that determine their overall ratings for Material Health- knowing the chemical ingredients of every material in the product, Material Re-utilization- the materials that can be safely returned to nature or industry, Renewable Energy & Carbon Management- 100% clean renewable energy source, Water Stewardship- management of clean water as a precious resource, and Social Fairness- the operations honor all people and natural systems affected by the creation, use, disposal or reuse of products. They are then rated in each category with Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level rating. The category with the lowest rating is the overall score the company is awarded. Some of the companies that I talked about were: gDiapers, IceStone, and M+N Textiles.

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