Blog 8

Last week we had the chance of learning outside of the classroom during the outdoor activity with our learning communities. In activity 1 we had to compare a tree and a jacket and their functions. When comparing a object with something from nature, it helps look at nature as a source of product development. Activity 2 finding eco-friendly alternatives for a list of different products we use in pur career field, this activity proves that there is no reason or excuse for the lack of sustainability in merchandising because there is always a sustainable solution. Activity 3 focused on our senses, and how we use them in our daily lives. In activity 4 we had to find things in nature and things we like and saw. It was hard to take things we didn’t like and liked and use them to come up with a design solution. My creative meter on this activity was low. The last activity was about Industrial Ecology and we had to identify how a tree is an example of Industrial Ecology and how companies can copy or take ideas from that.
The LOLA shows last week were very good, but they were all very similar. Cradle-to-Cradle and Biophilia was talked about in the LOLA presentations. One of the presentations that I liked was about the diapers. They were called gDiapers and they were biodegradable, which for me was cool because I have two nieces and a nephew so I know how many diapers are thrown away each day. I also enjoyed the presentation that showed how on her vacation in Mexico she saw the biophilia concept being used everywhere. There were parts of nature inside restaurants and even shopping areas. The presentation I enjoyed the most was the one about the company Interface, the largest commercial carpet manufacturer. I love how they recycle nets from the ocean and if I remember right are helping with the development of biodegradable nets. Nets in the ocean is a top hazard to oceans animals and its nice to see a company take an interest in that. I love dolphins and whales so for me its cool.

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