Blog 8- Taylor Green

  • During week 10, there was a lot of hands on activities that the class participated in. Personally, this is my favorite way of learning because I get to actually see the concept being applied to real life experiences. On Monday, my learning community and I had to do an outdoor activity that would help us to better understand biomimicry and industrial ecology. After coming together and performing each activity and reflecting on it, I feel as if my group and I got a better feel of what it is like to apply these principles in every day design. For instance, by taking nature as an inspiration to produce a garment, the future of this industry could reduce its carbon footprint and perhaps make this earth a cleaner and less polluted environment.
  • When hearing this weeks LOLA shows I learned a lot about cradle to cradle and biophillic design. I feel as if the groups that performed these LOLA shows really did an excellent job of keep the audience interesting with their topic while also teaching us more about these subjects. The three shows that stood out to me were Taylor Dougless’, Ariana’s and Casey’s. Although all three of these shows were very interesting and entertaining, I personally liked Ariana’s approach to biophillic design the most. All of her slides were filled with visual representations of what she was teaching the class and she obviously knew a lot about that particular subject. She focused on the principles of biophillia which is incorporating nature into designs. I feel as if she really taught me a lot more about this topic and helped me to better understand how it is applied in this industry.
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