This week we had had an outdoor activity on Monday and Wednesday was our Lola Show. This week was my groups turn. I talked about Trigema and related it to Cradle to Cradle. Trigema is a German clothing company and line that is 100% biodegradable and wants to create a closed cycle. This means they want their clothes to be reused and put back into the earth then cycled into new clothing. So starting out 100% organic cotton is grown then it’s made into the shirt that sold on the Trigema website.  After the shirt has been used, the shirt can be repurposed or put into the soil and let it biodegrade. This puts the materials back into the earth with no harm because the cotton and finishes are organic. Also, producing the garments in Germany next to their coporate offices in their own factories helps to control waste, material inputs, and overall product development.

The whole point of a closed cycle cradle to cradle system is to be able to keep the material in a continuous loop. The materials are used reused in one way or another. This helps to keep all waste at a minimum. Reducing waste helps the industrial ecology system to have a better reputation. Then having a better reputation leads to more loyal/repeat customers and this helps the brand to be more stable and have a longer life in the industry.

By doing all of this I proposed the question why can’t big names or companies in the USA do this if Germany has this? I think there would be a lot of give and take money, production, and so many other factors along the chain would be altered and changed from anything we are used to. In the last 20 years, the USA has moved its companies and productions overseas to become more sustainable. By doing this the actual garments and production outputs are becoming less sustainable. The only one profiting are consumers buying cheap goods that aren’t properly made and end up in a landfill hurting the Earth.

I personally as a consumer would pay higher prices for a better quality good that will last me longer. This may be because I soon will be able to afford this but also because I now have learned about the harmful effects the fashion industry has on the Earth.

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